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In a box, pcs: 6; Brand: Step Puzzle; Child's age: 1+

Package: 135x135x135 mm
Weight: 489 gr

Animals Pyramid Cubes &mdash ; a new format of a favorite children's toy.

Probably, every child has ever built a tower out of cubes. High, low, bright or not. But this tower was straight. Have you ever built a pyramid out of cubes?

In this set, all the cubes are of different sizes. Put one on top of the other from large to small - and you get a pyramid. During the game, the child will learn the concept of size and logic. After all, if you put cubes of the wrong size on top of each other, the pyramid will simply fall.

There are 10 cubes in the set. Elephant, lion, bear and other animals are depicted on their faces. And when the kid collects a pyramid from cubes, he will see a big green crocodile. All drawings are bright and adapted for children's perception.

Also, different colors and geometric shapes are presented on the faces of the cubes - a circle, an oval, a rhombus, a square, an asterisk.

The toy is convenient and for parents — it is compactly folded into a box and does not take up much space in the room.

Game Features:

  • Material — thick cardboard;
  • The height of the assembled pyramid — 87 cm;
  • The biggest cube — 13*13 cm;
  • The smallest cube — 4*4 cm;
  • Age of players — from 1 year.

Fast Order
In a box, pcs: 12; Brand: Step Puzzle; Type: cubes

Package: 200x155x40 mm
Weight: 360 gr

Cubes from the "Learning the world around" will help the kid take the first steps into the world of knowledge, expand his horizons, replenish his ideas about the world around him.

There are 20 plastic cubes in the set.

A game for children from 3 years old.

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100% quality guarantee
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14 days for return
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