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Orphaned children in Haiti need forever homes and forever parents to give these vulnerable children hope for a healthy, happy life. Our U.S. based, internationally accredited adoption agency works with the Haiti government to help these children in need. Building Arizona Families is one of only a handful of Haiti adoption agencies approved by the Haiti government to serve as a Haiti adoption agency for U.S. families.

U.S. Families Have so Much to Share!

Lifestyles and amenities available to us in the United States can sometimes go unappreciated because of the availability of plentiful resources. Clean, flowing water, safe shelter, nutritious food, access to medical care and quality education are all readily available for U.S. families.

When children from Haiti are adopted by a family in the United States, they are given the chance to share in these opportunities. The availability of health care, education, and proper nutrition are fundamental essentials in a U.S. child’s life, and unfortunately, due to the impoverished state of Haiti, many Haitian children are not able to receive the care and attention they need.

How Haiti’s Poverty is Impacting Children

Haiti has experienced devastating hardship that negatively impacts Haitian people every day. Haiti is vulnerable to natural disasters, mainly hurricanes, and more than 96% of the population are exposed to these natural disasters. The country is trying its best to build resilience, but as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, more than 6 million Haitians live on less than $2.41 US dollars a day.

This leaves many children without proper nutrition, medical attention, and a safe home to grow up in. There are so many children in some Haiti orphanages that they sometimes have to turn away children in need. However, we can help these children find a beautiful, loving family and a safe home to grow up in.

Children from the ages of infancy to 12 years old are waiting to have a forever family and be provided the necessities needed to thrive. As one of the internationally accredited Haiti adoption agencies, we are deeply investing in helping the people of Haiti and working in conjunction with their government to serve as a Haiti adoption agency for U.S. families, our relationships in Haiti are strong. Because Building Arizona Families has built a relationship of trust with the Haitian government, we are able to manage the internal paperwork for you, and help you more easily walk through the 24-36 month Haiti adoption process. We would be honored to serve you as you begin this beautiful chapter in your life.

Adopting The Children That Are Really In Need

While the vast majority of Haiti orphans are typically healthy, there is an urgent need for forever families for special needs children. With limited medical supplies, low availability of doctors, and harmful environmental factors, children with special needs are in desperate need of loving homes. Special needs seen in Haiti children are malnutrition, HIV, anemia, and children that are victims of neglect. These children sadly do not receive the care they need due to the widespread poverty in their country.

However, they still need help and loving forever homes! They urgently need to be provided with proper medical and developmental care. With selfless, loving families in the United States like yours, the children with special needs that are languishing can find love, happiness, and hope for their futures. If your family can provide a forever home for a special needs Haitian child, please visit us HERE to find out more information on International adoption through our Haiti adoption agency.

Whether special needs or not, every child deserves to be safe and loved. Are you feeling called to change a child’s life? Are you and your family able and willing to transform the future for a Haiti child? If so, adopting a child through an internationally accredited and Haiti government-approved adoption agency may be the perfect way to grow your forever family and provide a life that is above and beyond a Haiti child’s expectations.

Haiti Adoption Agency Information

You can find out about international Haiti adoption agencies requirements HERE. Additionally, Building Arizona Families offers informative adoption seminars on international adoption in Haiti. For more information on the process of adopting a child from Haiti and to find out about upcoming adoption seminars, please call or e-mail Lisa Peterson, Haiti Adoption Program Manager. She would be happy to answer any questions you might have. You can e-mail HERE, or call her at 623-692-4424.

We also offer informational seminars online, so let Lisa know if you are unable to attend an in-person seminar. Building Arizona Families is looking forward to serving you on your joyous forever family international adoption journey!


Creating A Beautiful Bond By Adopting From Haiti as a Single Parent

Single parent adopting from Haiti

Have you dreamed of the day you are with your child in Haiti and are finally taking them home? They are dreaming of living in their forever home too! Being a single parent adopting from Haiti creates a beautiful bond the two of you get to share. Did you know that you don’t have to be married to adopt from Haiti?  Of course, it is excellent if you are, but if you are not married and meet Haiti’s requirements, you can still adopt.  If you are female, single, and between the ages of 35-48, you may be eligible to adopt a precious child from Haiti. Adopting a child from Haiti allows new families to blossom or a family’s household to grow. 

Requirements For A Single Parent Adopting From Haiti

The Haitian government has adoption requirements that must be fully met to proceed with an adoption plan. A single applicant must be between the ages of 35-48 years old. Haiti only accepts female applicants to adopt as a single parent. The adoptive parent must be a U.S. citizen, and there can be no unlawful activity in the background of anyone who lives in the home. Haiti accepts single female applicants with any number of children, biological or adopted children. As long as there is the financial stability to provide for another child, a family can continue to grow through adopting from Haiti.

Deciding To Adopt as a Single Applicant

The list of questions can multiply when choosing to become a single parent adopting from Haiti. Building Arizona Families can help answer these questions for you. The age of the child and openness to adopting sibling groups are questions the applicant must consider. Although most children do not have permanent health or developmental concerns, there is always a need for families that can adopt children with special needs. The Haiti adoption process can feel long at times and possibly discouraging. But single mothers who have successfully adopted from Haiti would encourage you to stay strong and push forward to building your forever family. Find out more information about the requirements for a single parent adopting from Haiti HERE

Building Arizona Families would love to visit with you about starting or growing your forever family through Haiti adoption. We will provide high levels of service and communication and come with experience in Haiti adoptions since 2005. Building Arizona Families is here to put your family first.


If you are interested in adopting children from Haiti, you are invited to download our free information kit HERE. You can also view information about Haiti adoption requirements HERE, and information about the costs of Haiti adoption HERE. Building Arizona Families offers complimentary adoption seminars in Phoenix, as well as online seminars for those unable to attend in person. Please reach out to Lisa Peterson, our Haiti Adoption Program Manager, for dates and times as well as any other questions you might have. Lisa can be reached by phone at 623-692-4424 and by e-mail at

We look forward to visiting with you soon!

Feeling Confident in Beginning the Haiti Adoption Process

Haiti Adoption Process

Are you considering international adoption? Have you looked into adopting from Haiti? As an internationally accredited and Haitian government approved adoption agency, Building Arizona Families is here to help you better understand the Haiti adoption process so you can feel confident in the next steps to take. 

Taking the First Step, Choosing Your Adoption Agency 

Adopting a precious child from Haiti is an amazing, life changing decision. All children deserve the love of a family and the opportunity to thrive. Haiti adoption allows these children to find love, safety, and security in their forever home. 

Finding an adoption agency you trust is the first step of beginning the Haiti adoption process. Building Arizona Families is a non-profit, Hague accredited adoption agency (required for legal international adoption) and is one of just 19 U.S. adoption agencies permitted to work in Haiti. Our agency would be honored to support your family on this amazing journey and watch as your family grows through adoption! 

Step by Step Haiti Adoption Process

The Haiti adoption process takes about 24 months. After contacting Building Arizona Families, these are the next steps in the adoption process:

• Complete a home study. This can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months. During a home study, there are different interviews that will take place to get to know the adoptive family. A social worker will also take time learning about your home and seeing the environment your child will live in.

• Apply for adoption eligibility. This typically takes up to 3 months and determines if requirements are met to adopt from Haiti. 

• Waiting for referral. With a longer time frame, this can take about 6 to 8 months due to Haitian legal intricacies.

• Socialization period. For two weeks the adoptive family travels to Haiti to complete their socialization period with their adoptive child. 

• Gaining Haitian government approval to adopt. This can take up to 8 months for the Haitian government to give final approval of adoption. 

• Bringing your child home! The final trip is a six day bonding period where you will bond with your child before taking them home. At the end of the six days the family can return to the USA with their new child!   

How Building Arizona Families Helps You

At Building Arizona Families, we strive to help families grow through the beautiful gift of adoption. We provide the highest level of service and communication. With over 12 years of experience in Haiti, we have hands-on connections that benefit our adoptive families. 

Building Arizona Families takes the time to guide you through the Haiti adoption process. As a licensed, non-profit, Hague accredited adoption agency, we are able to work with families in any state through our Haiti adoptions program. 

Contact Lisa Peterson, Haiti Adoption Program Manager, for more information on the Haiti adoption process HERE, or call her at 623-692-4424. 

Considering International Adoption?

international adoption, adopting a child from Haiti, Haiti adoption agencies

International adoption is a wonderfully compassionate way to grow your family! At Building Arizona Families, our international team focuses on Haiti adoptions. Why should you consider adopting a child from Haiti? There are several really good reasons!

The Benefits of Adopting a Child From Haiti

First, in terms of international adoption, international travel to meet and bond with the child is a requirement. In some instances, more than one visit is required. Haiti is very close, just off the coast of Florida, so the required travel is not as rigorous or expensive as traveling to countries much further away.

Secondly, adopting a child from Haiti gives each child a future they would not have had otherwise. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Of the approximately 7.5 million people living there, about 75% live below the Haiti poverty level. Hope to change that is dim, as the unemployment level is at approximately 60%, and literacy is approximately 55%. Many families simply cannot afford to provide adequate nutrition, medicine, and education to their children. Malnutrition or disease kills approximately one in five Haitiian children. Decimated by hurricanes, the grim situation has become more serious in the past few years as the rebuilding process is slow.  As you can see, adopting a child from Haiti could mean the difference between life and death. If you are considering international adoption, we hope you will give serious consideration to Haiti.

Approved Haiti Adoption Agencies Are Limited

The Haitian government does not work with every adoption agency. They are required to be internationally accredited and abide by Haitian adoption regulations. When dealing with the orphanages and the Haitian government, Building Arizona Families has a long standing, positive relationship that will be highly beneficial in the international adoption process. In reviewing Haitian adoption agencies, it is important to ensure that the agency is Hague accredited (Building Arizona Families is), and that they are an approved Haiti adoption agency by the Haitian government.

Building Arizona Families Specializes in Haiti Adoptions

Building Arizona Families is grateful that you are considering international adoption and grateful for the time you have taken to find out more information about adopting a child from Haiti. We would love to visit with you further about how you can change a child’s life forever. We offer onsite seminars that answer all of your questions, as well as online seminars. Additionally, we invite you to call us at 623-692-4424 or e-mail us. We would be happy to set up a private meeting and answer any questions you have, or personally take you through the online seminar. You can also find more information about the types of adoption, the child adoption process, and adoption cost on our website HERE.