Why Adopt from Haiti

Why International Adoption From Haiti?

Haiti is a great option if your family would like to select the child’s​ age and gender when  Adop a Child From Haitibuilding your family. Haitian children are beautiful and resilient. Building Arizona Families is an approved adoption agency licensed to place children from Haiti. We are always seeking families who want to adopt internationally from Haiti.

Building Arizona Families encourages families to be open to special needs children, siblings, as well as children over the age of six. Haiti also has many healthy children under the age of six available to adopt as well.

How to Adopt a Child from Haiti

As a accredited Hague international family adoption agency, Building Arizona Families, is a firm supporter in connecting and creating families in Arizona. Our Phoenix, AZ office and staff members are highly qualified and licensed to help you and your family through the proccess in adopting a child from Haiti.

To begin the journey in completing your family, contact our Hague accredited Haiti Adoption Program Manager, Lisa Peterson, for more information on the Haiti adoption process or learn more about upcoming seminars.  She can also be reached at 623-692-4424. Building Arizona Families thanks you for entrusting us with your adoption journey and the chance to help your family grow!

About Haiti and Adopting a Child from Haiti

Haiti Adoption AgencyHaiti is a short two-hour flight out of Miami, Florida. It is a mountainous region with a tropical climate. It is a country with a rich and vibrant culture. Sadly, it is the poorest country in the Americas due to decades of instability. The economy of the country is generally considered to be very poor. Approximately 80% of the population of Haiti lives below the poverty line. The average income of a family is estimated to be around $480 per year. It is also estimated that, on average, a person living in Haiti will have around $2.75 to live on each day. Around 70% of the population does not have any regular means of employment. Haiti’s population density is 747 people per square mile. This makes it one of the least developed, yet most densely populated, places in the entire world. Less than half of Haitians in rural areas have access to clean water, and even fewer have access to proper sanitation.

Of the average $2.75 a day to live on, 60% of this will go to food. The number of Haitians who face severe food insecurity has doubled in 2016 as a result of three consecutive years of drought. Over 10% of Haitian children will die before age 10. This is due to generally poor nutrition, proliferous occurrence of diseases like cholera and typhoid due to contaminated food, and because of a general lack of available medical care.

Haiti also has the dubious distinction of having the greatest number of orphans in the Western world. Many children face a life in an orphanage, often in grim conditions. Thousands of children growing up in institutions with no hope of a normal, healthy adulthood is a very unhappy prospect. Although international adoption from Haiti will not solve the social and economic problems of Haiti, it does allow one child the chance to grow up in a safe and loving environment where the parents can honor and appreciate their child’​s Haitian heritage.

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Building Arizona Families is an Hague International Family Adoption Agency that helps parents complete their families with international adoption from Haiti. Contact us today at 623-692-4424 to start your adoption journey!